Thursday, October 30, 2008

Car History we talk about Antique cars, it is generally defined as cars which age is already 26years or more than that years of age. Antique car is synonymously term with classic car. But classic cars are mostly defined as cars which in high quality vehicles before the world war II era. Automobile history era is categorize into the following years 1890's to 1900's car is called Veteran or classic car, 1910 to 1930's is known to be the era of Brass and Edwardian car, 1940 to 1950's is the ere of Vintage car, 1960 to 1970's called a pre-war car era, 1980-1990's are the post-war car era, year 2000 up to the present time is the Modern era, and 2010 and up is the future car generation. This era or generations of cars are also called the evolutions of cars which you will know and determine the changes of image of cars in those generations of cars. If we are fun of collecting antique cars or classic cars, we are engage to the current value which play something to do on the current supply versus the demand of those antique cars. And of course, we are dealing also on the condition of the car whether it is good or bad condition. But mostly the poor condition car is cheaper than the good condition car. About the evolution of cars, there are lot of differences when we compare the modern cars from the classic cars. The modern cars are good looking image and 10x faster than classic cars. Form time to time, almost every year the model of cars are evolved.

About the invention of the car, several Italians recorded a design car for wind driven vehicles. The first design was Guido da Vigevano in 1335. After that, the great Leonardo da Vinci designed a clockwork driven tricycle with tiller steering and a differential mechanism between the rear wheels. In 1885, its a massive design of wooden motorcycle which invented by Gottllieb Daimler's workshop. Daimler used a hot tube ignition system to get his engine speed up to 1000 rpm. At that moment Karl Benz had already driven his light and tubular framed tricycle. Until in that year 1888. William Steinway talked to Daimler about US manufacturing right and suddenly, they got a deal which turn into the building of Daimler Motor Company that owned by Steinway. This company produced petrol engines for tramway cars, carriages, fire engines, quadricycles, and boats. After the success of Daimler Motor Company, it was the start up of many car inventions. At 1893, Henry Ford start to build his first car which finish at the year 1896. He named his first car “quadracycle”. And in 1899, with the help of wealthy people in Detroit, Ford established the Detroit Automobile Company. >From year after year, car productions and car developed of its design and engines was rapidly occur. Until in 1906, the birth of the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost is introduce. This car was a six cylinder which stayed in production until 1925. Rolls Royce car is the period of ending the invention period of car and serves as the concept of modern cars.

Cars nowadays have already mark every history that serve as the major transportation vehicle in the world. The effect of cars in the economy of a certain country is very effective on helping on its progress. As I've said, cars are the transportation vehicle that serves to established the well-developed economy of a country. Mostly, car is the basis also of every individual financial status. If you have a car, you might belong as rich or in higher class. Even though, some middle class can buy also their cars but not as many and as expensive of the car of higher class individuals.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 Cars

2008 cars are far different from previous years cars. There's a difference on production and sale this year. Some brand of Cars increased their sales and productions, and some other brands decreased their sales and productions. Those differences was occur in every countries which car industry is booming and at the other side doesn't. For the top cars of 2008, we intend to judge each car in three general areas, the first being how well the vehicle performs its intended functions. We expect sports cars to be fast and exhilarating, whereas we presume a family sedan will be frugal and practical. Second, we show a preference for the more engaging cars in each category, be it athletic driving manners, a seductive look, or a powerful engine sure to induce a grin every time we climb behind the wheel. Here are some brands and models of cars which hit on the top list. 2008 BMW 3-series, 2008 Cadillac CTS, 2008 Chevrolet Corvette, 2008 Chevrolet Malibu, 2008 Honda Accord, 2008 Honda Fit, 2008 Mazda MX-5 Miata, 2008 Mazdaspeed 3, 2008 Porsche Boxster and Cayman, and 2008 Volkswagen GTI.

About the winner and losers cars of 2008, here's the list of winner which choose by customers.

The Mazda3 hits all of the right notes by bringing together a muscular, sport-inspired exterior and a roomy, well-appointed cabin. Ford's mid-size sedan fills the gap between the smaller Focus and the larger Taurus. 2008 Lexus RX 350This crossover SUV from Lexus is built upon a front-wheel drive chassis derived from the company’s line of luxury sedans. It provides an expansive five-seat passenger compartment and a rear cargo bay. And for loser models, The 2008 Ford Expedition is available in two versions: a standard-length Expedition and the stretched EL ("extended length"), which includes a foot-long wheelbase extension and more room in the already-vast cabin. Land Rover Range Rover Sport. This SUV resembles a streamlined Range Rover but rides on a modified LR3 platform. It's designed for everyday driving as well as off-road duty with on-demand 4WD. The plush cabin makes room for five, with twin sport buckets in the first row and a folding bench for three in the back. And BMW's full-size 7 Series luxury/performance sedans roll with powerful engines.

The automobile industry this year decrease their production and sales because of economic turmoil such as financial crisis and oil price hike. But despite of those problem worldwide, the car industry still on operation. There are still good news in this industry. Fuel price problem really affects the car industry. But this 4th quarter of the year, average petrol prices have this month been falling faster than the record rises during the summer. This is a good news because it might increase the sales of cars of different car makers. About the recent sales in car industry, here's the top list of there percentage sales, Audi 4.20%, BMW 5.06%, Citroen 4.07%, Fiat 2.47%, Ford 14.52%, Honda 4.41%, Hyundai 1.24%, Kia 1.22%, Land Rover 1.94%, Mazda 2.12%, Mercedes-Benz 3.42%, Mini 1.98%, Nissan 2.76%, Peugeot 6.08%, Renault 5.28%, Seat 1.45%, Skoda 1.66%, Suzuki 1.37%, Toyota 4.93%, Vauxhall 13.78%, Volkswagen 8.20%, and Volvo 1.25%.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Engine conversions

Some people are very resou
rceful. And when it comes to their cars, they search for a lower cost gas for their cars. And sometimes they turn to an inventive process to adopt natural resources as part of experimenting possible sub-fuel that replace the commercial fuel such diesel and regular gasoline. There are lot of experimentation which people held in order to turn out their effort into successful conversion of their cars into sub-fuel like biodiesel, vegetable oil, water, and many more conversion which car owners or drivers meets the cheaper cost of consuming fuels.

Engine conversions is one of the major subjects in engine industry or car industry. Through this mechanical process, the engine of your car will able to generate with some other fuels. There are several sub-fuels which in general you can't imagine that it powered a certain engine. For example the vegetable oil and the water. Who believes that this substances is able to start an engine and totally empowers it. Believe it or not, yes it is. Vegetable oil and water can start your engine. That's why, there are lot of engine conversion mechanism was established for a specific conversion like engine conversion through vegetable oil fuel. Diesel engines is much appropriate in conversion to vegetable oil fuel. Because diesel engines can run on 3 basic types of fuel such as petroleum diesel, bio diesel, and straight vegetable oil. Bio diesel is a clean-burning fuel made from domestic, renewable plant sources, such as oils from vegetables, peanuts, soy beans, canola/rape seeds, hemp seeds and some grains. It has undergone the process of transesterification, a simple chemical modification of ordinary vegetable oil that makes the fuel usable in diesel engines and keeps it from thickening at colder temperatures. The process of converting engines into cooking oil engine is start with a modern diesel engine, install a vegetable oil conversion kit or mechanical apparatus that allows vegetable oil run the engine, and put vegetable oil from the fuel tank of the engine in order to test if the conversion is successful. If it is successful, you can have now a newly convert engine using cooking oil fuel.

Another engine conversion is through converting engine into water used as a fuel. There are already lot of study and inventions regarding on engine conversion using water as a fuel. Through this study, almost billion of dollars was spend by certain countries to cope up in this concept of conversion. But despite of that, people will satisfied because there will be a chance of having a free fuel. Free fuel in the sense that water is abundant. You can have it free anytime if that will become your fuel for your car. But still, people search for a better development of engine conversion that serves water as a fuel. Among engine conversion mechanism, the most popular and common engine conversion is gasoline engine converts into using diesel engines. They convert gasoline engines into diesel in order to have cheaper fuel cost. Because Diesel fuel is cheaper than gasoline fuel. That's why lot of car owner having a gasoline engine wants to convert their engine car into diesel. Those are example of engine conversions. And there are some engine conversion nowadays that enjoys by some people. There are engine conversions using LPG to run the engine, conversion using electricity, and many other form conversion which already introduce to us.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Manual vs Automatic Transmission

Manual and automatic transmission are same useful depends on the driver and id depends also on the type of road. If we try to compete manual and automatic transmission, nothing will win. Because some are fun of driving manual and the others are like automatic transmission too. In manual transmission, you can enjoy driving it because you are greatly manage and control your car. In any road manual is better because you can shift at any moment. Like driving in rocky road, you can shift your car in lower gear for better control of handling. The gas mileage of manual is better than automatic because you can shift manually the car. Manual is more fun than automatic. The RPM of manual is much obtain in high speed. That's why more of race car are having manual transmission in order to shift it into continues obtaining of highest speed. Unlike automatic transmission, it has an average speed when you shift it in over drive. For me manual is better if you want to feel driving experience. But when it comes to automatic transmission cars, there's only one word that simply define automatic transmission. That is convenience. Automatic transmission is easier to drive than manual. All you need to do is sit and mash on the gas pedal then drive. You weren't encounter some difficulty such releasing the gas and put in the clutch and brake. Automatics are very comfortable in driving. There's no hesitation of changing gears. Its a kind of car that simple and easy to drive.

About the Pros and Cons of Automatic transmission, the pros are less involved than a manual. It was easy to learn driving automatics, its a big plus for people who live in cities who fight in rush hour everyday because of easy pumping on fuel to speed up and easy stepping on brakes if you stop. No need to mind shifting in any gear. Its an advantage also for the people who live in the hills because automatics are not roll backwards. And about the cons of automatics, it was more expensive than manual, you are not satisfied on gear choice of the car, and worse gas mileage. Automatics are consuming more gas than manuals. For manual transmission pros, less expensive than automatics, more control on your driving, you can decide what gear do you want, you can use of engine braking instead of brakes, you can control of dangerous turns, and better gas mileage. You can manage the car consume of gas because of shifting your gears. And about the cons of manual, hassle of learning the shifting of gears, more potential of mistakes which cause damage into your transmission, tiresome in stop and go during traffic, and harder to learn on how to drive.

And for proper maintenance of automatic transmissions, regularly check your parking space for leaks, change the fluid as often as it said in your owner's manual, use only the same type of the transmission fluid specified into your car manual, never shift to the reverse or parking until the car comes to a complete stop, never shift from the parking mode when engine RPM is higher than normal idle, and always hold a brakes down when shifting from parking. And fro manual transmissions maintenance, check if it is harder to shift, doesn't grab like it use to, and it starting to vibrate. Repair it immediately because there will a problem of misalignment of parts of transmission. Always take an adjustment if there are problems in your transmissions. No matter how manual or automatic your car, maintaining a car is a necessity due to economic and safety reasons. In order to keep safe in driving, always have a maintenance into your car.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

AFM for V8, not V6

Each way bet: Holden's popular Commodore Omega gets a less powerful, more efficient V6 - but there's no sign of the Active Fuel Management system V8 autos gain from January.

Holden heralds fuel-saving tech for V8 autos, and slips less powerful V6 into market

By MARTON PETTENDY 10 October 2008

Story Source: GoAuto

GM HOLDEN has taken the unusual step of announcing it will introduce General Motors’ fuel-saving Active Fuel Management (AFM) technology on automatic versions of its locally-built V8 models from January next year - in more than three months' time - but it won’t say when its volume-selling V6 models will employ the cylinder deactivation system.

The company used last week’s Australian International Motor Show (AIMS) to reveal that AFM V8-powered versions of the Commodore, Ute, Sportwagon, Statesman and Caprice will join the LPG Commodore and its derivatives, plus diesel-powered passenger cars including the Astra, Epica and (2WD) Captiva, in a new range of “EcoLine” vehicles from Holden in early 2009.

Chairman and managing director Mark Reuss said AFM will be first introduced across the range of eight-cylinder automatics because the Commodore V8’s six-speed auto was already the most fuel-efficient transmission in Holden’s line-up, but he indicated it was unlikely to become available on manual versions.

“AFM has been developed for six-speeds because it’s our most fuel-efficient transmission and if you look at the way AFM works, cylinder deactivation is dependent on throttle position, gear selection and the like. Nobody else offers it with a manual transmission,” he said.

Mr Reuss was less forthcoming when asked when Commodore buyers could expect to see the fuel economy feature on V6 models.

“GM on a technology basis is working on AFM in different cylinder variants, but I’m not going to get into any of our future product plans on anything but V8 today,” he said.

Left: Holden V6 engine production.

AFM is similar in concept to Chrysler’s Multi-Displacement System (MDS), which debuted the technology here in mainstream models in 2005 via the Chrysler 300C V8 and Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7, as well as Honda’s Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) system – seen in Australia on the Accord V6 – and Daimler AG’s Active Cylinder Control (ACC).

The Commodore’s AFM-equipped 6.0-litre V8 operates automatically on four cylinders in certain driving conditions until more power is required and is claimed to reduce fuel consumption by up to 1L/100km, but the downside is a three per cent loss of peak power output – about 10kW – compared to the regular V8.

GM offers the AFM system, previously known as Displacement On Demand, on a range of V8 engines in the US, where the Chevrolet Impala’s aged HV-series 3.9-litre V6 also employs it, but says no such technology is currently available on any versions of its Melbourne-built global V6.

Holden has not abandoned its fuel economy push with the Commodore’s 3.6-litre global V6, however, announcing the immediate fitment of the “premium” version of its Alloytec V6 as standard across the Commodore range.

Announced deep within Holden’s AIMS press release, the move sees Omega and Berlina versions of the VE Commodore sedan and Sportwagon, as well as the base Holden Ute, lower their official ADR 81/02 average fuel consumption figure by between 0.2 and 0.4L/100km.

However, while the VE sedan’s official fuel consumption is reduced from 10.8 to 10.6L/100km (its average CO2 emissions similarly drop, from 256 to 252g/km), the entry-level Commodore still falls short of its key rivals in terms of fuel efficiency.

Ford’s entry-level FG Falcon XT returns 10.5L/100km with its standard five-speed automatic and 10.1L/100km with its optional six-speed ZF auto. Toyota’s Aurion V6 returns a class-leading 9.9L/100km at base level.

Meantime, the base Sportwagon models reduce their official fuel consumption figures from 11.1 to 10.7L/100km (CO2 emissions drop from 261 to 256g/km), while V6-powered Holden Utes drop a similar amount - from 11.3 to 10.9L/100km (CO2: 259 v 268g/km).

Crucially, the entry-level Holden V6 now scores the variable exhaust valve timing system of the “High Output” V6 that powers models from the Calais upwards, but it remains mated to GM’s aged four-speed automatic transmission in the Omega and Berlina (and base Ute), which also miss out on premium models’ dual exhaust system.

As such, the “recalibrated” base V6 does not share the 195kW/340Nm performance outputs of the V6 found in premium models, nor even the 180kW and 330Nm peaks of the models they replace.

In fact, with 175kW available at 6500rpm (500rpm higher than before) and 325Nm of torque on tap from 2400rpm (200rpm lower than currently), Holden’s new entry-level V6 offers 5kW and 5Nm less than it did previously.

Now on par with the Commodore’s LPG Alloytec V6, Holden’s revised base petrol V6 is now at a greater performance disadvantage when compared with the Falcon’s 190kW/383Nm 4.0-litre straight six and the Aurion’s 200kW/336Nm 3.5-litre V6, despite remaining less fuel-efficient.

Holden says it remains committed to improving the environmental performance of its volume-selling V6 and is known to be developing a dedicated LPG system to replace its current dual-fuel system. It is expected to match the Duratec V6 LPG engine that will power Ford’s Falcon from mid-2010 by featuring the latest direct liquid injection system.

Holden has also flagged its intention to make available ethanol-compatible versions of the Commodore, as it has with Saab, and Mr Reuss described that vehicle’s hardware as the final piece in its E85 puzzle.

Asked whether Holden would consider investing locally in the same type of ethanol production that is currently being developed in the US, where GM has fostered the manufacture of bio-fuels from household garbage, Mr Reuss said: “Absolutely.

“I would be thoroughly excited if we saw the biotechnology from waste that’s being developed in the US right now cross the ocean into an Australian company and have that capability here.

“I would say we’re not actively looking (to invest) because we’re watching the pilot plant in the US now to see how it goes. (But) We want to play an active role in the establishment of bio-fuels and bio-fuel standards in Australia,” he said.

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Online Shopping For Cars

While everything is already sold in the net, the sale of cars is the most frequented site for boys and even women looking for huge free car listings, online shopping and car reviews.

Online shopping gives a variety of choices to the car buyer at the same time reducing the inconvenience and hassles of visiting shops after shops. More people just use the in tenet to look for cars that interest them and inquire how to do the purchase

Let's face it: finding used cars online is the easy part. The hardest is getting your hands on real value and gorgeous rides without giving days to the effort. The most common mistake is diving at shiny sales without ever taking the time to check out the provenance and history of the vehicle in question. The result is all too common, unhappy owners appalled to discover they've unwittingly earned a lemon for their enthusiasm.

The good news is that there actually are some beautiful used cars online if the shopper is smart enough. The basics such as running the VIN and having that car inspected by an expert in the field can bring as much peace of mind before the negotiation process commences. Doing the homework before hand nails down the good price without having the owner suspect. It all comes down to information, and today that means knowing everything that needed to be aware of like the model of the car and when to bid. Whether your interest lies in old hatchbacks or new SUVs, taking the time to check the resources for a good sense of each vehicle's tendency to break down over time. It is better still to familiarize with the crash test ratings and other details to know exactly where to go.

The enticing part, is that some of the best used cars online are posted by independent owners who may not be up to speed on the latest pricing protocols. Great opportunity lies in such ads, particularly if you can do your research quickly and make contact early. Look and approach the owners of used cars online with good cheer and poise and you could find yourself zeroing in on a stunning price in a matter of hours.

Finding used cars online requires considerable commitment to the task, but the benefits are often proportionally great. With a little luck and an incisive inspection, one could find owning of a beautiful vehicle without spending to much.

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Stunning California Baby Bares it All

One thing will lead to another, just by the sight of it, expect your mouth to be watering and opened with awe. The next thing, you will find yourself digging for more, madly browsing over car reviews and car listings. Check this out and watch out as it marches down the ramp come 2009.

The gorgeous mouth watering baby had it's official photographs published las May 13, 2008. It spices an addition to the new generation of Ferrari launched in 2004.

The 2009 Ferrari California is linger than Ferrari F430 by 2 inches with a 179.5 inches long and its hell base longer by 4 inches at 106.3 inch. It boils that the California baby is larger on the inside than the F430. Although no confirmation was made as to its weight, it is assumed to be more than 3, 533-pounds.

With a trunk of 12.7 cubic feet, it shrinks only to 9.2 cubic feet when the roof has been retracted into the trunk. Practicality.... this baby is more extraordinary to carry along more than the Ferrari 612.

The suspended bridge in the middle console and the seats are eye feasting making the interior magnificently looking. Seat made out of carbon fiber and magnesium makes one sit in the car lower just with the right view over the rear deck . Graced with a steering wheel that is distinctively mannetino, one can calibrate the chassis stability control. Thinking of sports... Ferrari baby rules.

The V8 is mounted completely . The 4.3 liter V8 is associated exactly with victory from engineering pips. With a horsepower peaking at 460 horsepower at 7500 rpm. It won't turn red until 8,000 rpm.

Ferrari thinks that most buyers will go for the seven-speed dual clutch automated manual rather than the conventional six-speed manual transition. With regard to the dual clutch design- it is a combination of seamless acceleration of an automatic with a versatile manual gear from paddles on the steering wheel. A promising 100km/h (62mph) just less than 4 seconds. Much...much quicker than 430. Awesome!

Looking for comfort and speed? The new baby is the right four wheel all might be looking for . If driving in a fast, on road or track , this exactly what they are spotting.

Designed for people who value driving with a combination of comfort and speed. Although the exact price is yet to be revealed, it is crystal clear that it will be close to F430 rather than to 599 GTB and 612. California baby will be costing lower than the F30, for reasons that the former has 460 horsepower and the latter has 460. the top aim of Ferrari is to give a fulfillment on desires which embodies almost everything down to a sporty design and innovation. To be officially unveiled at Paris International car Show, it will be the first debut out in the open.

Why Ferrari? In comparison to some other exotic cars, the baby is easily recognized by an ordinary person even without interest in cars as... expensive, fast and ultimate sports car. Absolutely.. the stunner will make someone mumble... “can i have this one.. please............................”

Get close to it and check out on the latest car listings and car advertisement, let yourself drool with awe. Let the baby bare the topless breathtaking look.... It is more than looking at a bare breast with eyes wide open.

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    1. They your car a pictorial. A visual ad is more appealing rather than a plain, simple text. Most site searchers would go for a picture rather that read a detailed and long descriptions. Go for a photo ad. The important thing is to stress the good points of the vehicle in the photo. Surveys revealed that there are more than three times successful seller with photo ad than those who don't.

    2. Use catchy comments. A catchy ad gets the eye and the attention like a speeding train. While the opposite goes for a boring ad, no one will attempt to read it. The tip is to make it simple and memorable, injecting words or phrases that makes it worth reading for.

    3. The price and offer. If the price and offer is competitive, more searchers will get interested hooking themselves to it. Checking out on similar vehicles would help. No one wants his own car be priced lower than those of the same kind.

    4. Put a sign in your ad. Telling the whole world that the four wheel is for sale attracts more buyers. A big sign of FOR SALE draws more interested individual. A bid sign is a plus in getting a buyer.

    5. Keep the maintenance record in tack. Remember, a car is an extension of the owner. If the record shows a series of repairs from accidents and reckless care, no one will buy it. A clear track record gets the buyer first hand.

    While most people get online to look for car sales, the tip is to get as much audience on the list with a simple ad that has it all. Exaggeration might in the end lead to a breach or else a failure sales deal. Competition is neck for neck, checking out on the site regularly can sent clues and hints how to get the sale in a speedier process. With millions car listed.... one word to catch changes it all.

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    One product that is also available online are new or used cars for sale, car services and a lot of updates about the newest trends and models. Though it is joyful but envious to the people who own them, to stare at the newest luxury or sports car, many or most of us couldn't afford to have one so we just settle on used cars.

    The good thing about cars being sold online is that you can also take advantage of these car sites to get the best car deal for you and take home a new or used car that best suits your lifestyle, needs and your budget.

    Locating a specific car whether a new model, a recent but used model, or a classic or a vintage car or motorcycle, online car sites could be able to locate them all for you in just a click of a mouse. Whichever make or manufacturer you desire, and wherever you live. Online car sites are able to locate cars for you whether they are being sold by an individual owner, a car dealer, a car auction, or a business related to cars. This makes its easier to decide which will be the car you would take home.

    Before you think of purchasing a car at any source, you should always determine first factors that could help you deciding which vehicle would be best for you. Ask yourself this questions:
    1.How often will I use it?
    -Think that different cars gives out different mileage. If you would be using it on a daily basis, then it would be best if you would purchase a vehicle that could give you a good mileage and that is very easy to maintain.
    2.Will I buy it for my own or for a family?
    -If you would be buying it for your own, then size would not be an issue. Small to regular cars to individuals or couples, regular cars to minivans for small families and vans or SUV for bigger families.
    3.How much can I spend for buying it?
    -To be able to fully measure on which car you would be able to buy, you should know your budget for purchasing it to know on what are the limits in terms of car prices.
    4.How much can I spend for it-gas, maintenance, repair?
    -Cars needs maintenance as well. The most common maintenance that should be done for it is to always fill it up with gasoline, and with the recent fuel prices, it wont be cheap. For certain mileage, cars also needs other maintenance to keep out of trouble-fluids, pads, tires and etc. This timely maintenance will not only save you your life and a lot of trouble but it would also save you gas. Cars that are properly maintained burns less gasoline.
    5.What is the car type that would be best for me-compact, convertible, regular car, SUV, Van, truck?
    -It would depend on your taste and of course your needs and lifestyle. If you are the guy who does a lot of traveling but does not need a lot of luggage, then regular cars would be just fine. If you are a guy that needs a car for utilities, then you may consider buying a van or a truck.

    Take advantage of these car sites to carefully examine all the cars that you desire. Check if which car holds the best car value and which one will fit your budget. You can locate some features and some car history to determine the cars value. The more damage, crashes and repairs it has gone through, car values decreases and so does its price. If it is properly maintained and timely serviced, the car value almost doesn't change.

    Like shopping for other things, there can also be scams in shopping cars online so always be sure that you examine every factor carefully. And lastly, after you have done all of this and have located your car, the next thing to do is to always drive safe.

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    Don't sweat!..Let the money flow easily

    Sales.... generate sale... increase sales? How can you let money flow without exhausting too much of you energy?

    For a person selling cars, the dilemma would always be where to sell the car, how to sell the car, and how much. With the influx of modern style of living, life became more convenient in some aspects. Information can be easily grabbed with a snap, and products disposed off faster.

    Selling cars online lets money flow to the seller without sweating to much, walking and talking, finding agents and negotiating. Advertising the car sale with its specifications is even faster than one could imagine. The market expands beyond the reach of the seller and even beyond the local area. With millions going online, searching for almost everything that catches their eyes and suits their needs, this can be a wide market for selling.

    Not only does the earning more than a dealer trade-in, but also because of the reach of an online ad, the ad may be seen outside the local area by someone who might be interested and is willing to pay more than the local market could afford.

    Unlike local ad, the seller has to pay it per appearance. For online ad, it takes longer and as soon as the car is sold, the ad can be taken away to stop people from further inquiring. The seller can advertise until sold.

    Another advantage of having it advertised in the net is the ability to modify the ad anytime and anywhere. There is no need to pay it for every change like the local ad. Here the seller is in control. Along with this benefit comes the benefit of including as much information the seller wishes to include in the ad. Pictures, description of specifications attracts more number of buyers. This even highlights and puts the seller into confidence. The buyer would look up to the seller as someone who is trusted and reliable.

    Advertising online not only generates a larger market, it even provides tools that would be helpful in selling the car faster. The tools include fliers, signs that can be printable and distributed. It is an easier and more convenient selling.

    Why let one sweat drop? Advertising online not only helps generate what the seller wants, it helps save time and energy.

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    The online car listing has proved to be very useful. New cars can be easily seen with pictures and descriptions of it s specs and looks. It is even more easier to compare and contrast when planning to buy a new car. People who have the interest in dealing with used cars can find the best avenue to make a good deal. With the listing of car variation, easy browsing and searching is not at all tiring. No need to walk for a mile and go shop after shop to learn more about cars.

    For car researchers, all data needed is just at their finger tips. Everything form prices to mileages, to capabilities and car language, they are all stocked like a a mini sporty encyclopedia.

    The good thing about going online is the getting everything in one gulp. Arrangement from purchase to delivery and even taking an insurance policy are readily available.

    Sellers love this idea of getting a bigger and wider market to sell their cars. Just by listing their cars online, a prospect buyer would be expected to call in a minute or two. Additional benefit would be a better negotiation price, which means a chance to choose the best price. Listing would be most of the time free yet the seller has all the time to stay on the site until the car is sold. This is too much of the benefit one could get.

    Reciprocity works in online car listing. It is not only a few who gets the gold. Even uninterested buyers or mere visitors would get a share from it.... entertainment. Pictures of different car models can be entertaining. But the best that they could get is the bit of information from the listings. Since most of the listings do have descriptions, a little knowledge would be great. Who knows someone would ask, “what is mileage all about?”

    Get to know more car with Oz Free Online-place to get the best car deals for the best value for your money. Provider of quality and services for free car listings of used cars for sale with used car values and pricing from individual sellers, car auctions or business owners.

    Riding in Cars not with boys…..but make-ups

    Who said cars are just for Mars? It's also designed for Venus.

    The Generation X has toppled the wrong connotation that cars exclusivity is for men. The streets are now flocked with chick driving the latest models from sedans to SUV's and even sporty wheels. The macho images of cars are slowly transformed to a sexy chick four wheel drive.

    Take a look at Honda Civic Ex (2007) new compact solution. It is similar to a compact make up kit with a combination of style, space and driving pleasure.

    Peering inside the car, one would notice its futuristic theme. It has split level gauges. This puts the speed, fuel, and engine temperature near the windshields. It places other secondary information easily visible through the steering wheel.

    While most car craze would find the car quite dull the comfort that it brings is something worthy to be noted. For a woman who drives a car, it is not just after the appearance, it is with the substance. A comfy wheel would be something sought after. Cars are extensions. Just like beauty kits which when handy and is something you could snagged and relied for. It pays to be driving a four wheel in a package. After all, Honda is stylish. Women can stand out with it in style and in comfort.

    Riding in Cars with Boys: Why Men Love cars?

    The movie “Riding in Cars with Boys” by Drew Barrymore drew people's attention on the fascination of boys with cars. Reflecting on the story's plot, women who often ride with boys on their cars are just sitting while the men take control. Only a few men can be named probably not at all who is not in to cars. From small boys to big boys, they have the common denominator, they love four wheels.

    Little boys at a very young age would certainly asked their Mom's to buy a toy car for them. A big boy would certainly go for the real one. Ever wondered why men get fascinated easily with cars? Why car blogs flock the net like thousands of sprouting mushrooms? The latest models drives them to nuts. Sometimes even when the girl is around, the attraction shifts from the girl to the engine....whew! The latter get irritated with it, and so with the others who suffer the same plight.

    Women have this notion that men consider cars a part of themselves. According to a study, men are more likely to cruise along the car with on hand and is vividly seen as more relaxed. As opposed to women., they keep both hands on the wheel. They have better inclination to think , and that they are a separate entity, distinct from the other.

    Some men can't take their eyes off their cars. This can be so annoying to women who thinks cars are their rivals, the second woman. Like any relationship, it requires time. Often money and effort are delivered in the absence of demand. However, cars can't guarantee a comfort that relationships have. They are material things that can deteriorate and flies.

    Why then do men get attached to it too much?

    A study revealed that cars feed into a mans need for ownership/ possession and the sense on belongingness or social acceptance. It is easy to be proud with ones car. Often times they get satisfaction and immediate gratification from the time and effort spent. They can speak confidently and talk to other men openly about cars. It is one topic that engages every men into conversation.

    For some men, it is fulfilling to invest in cars. While getting profit out of it they feel satisfied. Looking at statistics, men have the highest number of visitors in online blogs of cars and asks the most number of inquiries about car sales and car models. And, for some of the male specie they may feel safer and less risky to pour themselves into a relationship with their cars. There is an absence of the risk of being rejected. This can be manifestly seen with their choices in jobs, search sites and friends.

    Going online, sites with muscular themes can be easily seen. These sites most often than not are sites dedicated to cars. Whether riding in real car or an imaginary one, in their unconscious state, their passion for cars can be seen.

    Cars and the Increasing Fuel Prices

    There was a time when people would buy a car with out having to think of anything else after owning it-well of course aside from your kid crashing it or the car getting car napped. Now, with the current fuel prices and the amount of pollution, there has been a lot of changes. The thing with this increasing prices is that not only the automotive sectors are affected, but also other commodities such as food, water, thus, also giving a huge effect to the lifestyle of the consumer.

    I would always remember going to malls and recreational places and see lots of people doing a lot of shopping and people at supermarkets always having their baskets or push cart filled with groceries and products. Now, there is a limit. People would now consider the price of the product and the usability of it for the household. If before, a certain shopper would buy some junk foods and extra stocks, now, she would have a list of just what is needed in a specific span of time.

    The same should go if you want to buy cars. You should look for one that would fit your budget and lifestyle and a car that would satisfy your every need. The factors to consider aside from its practicality are:

    • price of actual unit

    • mileage

    • availability of service for maintenance and parts

    • cost of maintenance

    • luggage and passenger space

    • durability/flexibility

    Of course, before you search this details, you would first have to know your budget for buying it and owning/driving it and most important, your purpose of buying it. A car for an individual or a couple to be used on the daily basis would mean a lot of expenses-gasoline and maintenance. A car for a family needs space and safety of course is priority. A car for utility use would require flexibility and durability as well. We could some up the advisory to this different purposes.

    • Individual/couples – small to regular size cars (cars that could give you mileage and safety)

    • Family of 4 to 6 – SUVs or minivans (safe, comfortable and spacious)

    • Larger Family – Vans (spacious for both passenger and luggage)

    • Utility – Trucks or some van

    The next question would be, “What kind of vehicle is economical”?

    With the new technologies today, answering this would not be easy. The choice would still be with the consumer. Now, the options for an economical car today is many.

    1. Engine Conversion

    2. Hybrid Cars

    3. Small Cars

    Engine Conversions could be chosen if you would want your car to run on alternative energy such as water, LPG or other form of fuel. This could give you more mileage with your gasoline and you can buy this resources cheaper than regular fuel. The only thing about it is that you would have to sacrifice some engine power.

    Hybrid cars are getting popular. They can give good mileage and in the same way they are environmentally friendly cars. The upset is that they cost more than a regular car and the maintenance and availability of its resources-tools, repairs, parts- is not as available as fuel on every gas station.

    Small Cars is also a good option for they have smaller engines and smaller engines tend to burn less gasoline. Some small cars also brings with them a good safety test. For example, the smart car achieved a 5 star rating and gives you good mileage. The only thing that you would have to consider with these small cars is that you would not have enough luggage and passenger space.

    To know more about cars, please visit Oz Free Online. Provides services for free car advertising, for those searching to buy cars and to people searching for car auctions.

    Saving Lives and Money by Driving Properly

    Easy with the throttle

    Driving in a highway or any road is not a race so there is no need to step it up with the throttle. If you worry about being late for a meeting or an appointment, driving fast and reckless is still not the proper choice. In situations like this where you have to drive to catch a deadline or a certain time, it is best to drive calmly and still obey traffic rules. You may call your date or the people involve and state to them that you will be late. It is better than to drive hastily.

    During emergencies, the best thing to do is to keep calm. There are cases where people actually panic during this emergencies and drives faster and more reckless. This should not be done. Be calm and take hold of the situation. Call the ambulance if necessary, cause they are faster and more experienced and they carry along with them equipments and professional that can help while being on the road, or if the emergency is in the place of your destination, call people up to assess the situation and drive properly.

    Do not race with other vehicles. Sometimes there will be cases where another driver would be offended or dared by another driver and a race is not the solution for this. Racing should only be done in race tracks or in any controlled condition (race events), but not in highways.

    Driving calmly will save you your life and save you more gas. Do not step on the gas to get your engine angry and reach high RPMs (revolution per minute). The higher the RPM you make your car run in between changing gears, the more gasoline it burns up. Try to run your car in between 2000 RPM to 3000 RPM in between gears and during/when in highest gear.

    Follow Traffic Rules

    Driving in and outside the city are different but observing traffic rules should always not be forgotten. Following traffic signs or traffic police can help prevent accidents and will give you no traffic violation tickets. Traffic violation tickets are not just expensive but they can also stop you from driving, it can forfeit your license.

    Driving in the city can burn more gasoline than driving in an open road. The trick with traffic lights or when/during in heavy traffic jams, you should turn off your engine to save you gasoline. It is more difficult to drive in the city for there are more cars than in open roads. Always be alert and don't drive recklessly.

    Driving in the mountains could be dangerous as well. There are signs in the road that drivers should always observe and follow. Speed limit goes for every road and highways and terrain so one should follow it. Even professional racers advices to follow each and every road rule.

    Don't drive intoxicated or sleepy

    It is best to drive if the driver is in the right condition. Being in the right condition gives the driver a better observation of the road. Being sleepy or intoxicated makes a driver's driving skills worse and this can cause an accident.

    Drivers should always refrain from drinking and driving. Drunk drivers have the tendency to forget about the speed and traffic rules. Most teenagers and some adults nowadays that are involved in accidents are caused by alcohol. If you are caught while driving under the influence (DUI) you will spend a night in jail and that is not fun.

    Taking a coffee break or a sleep over a motel is not that bad at all. Do not force your body to drive long trips or night trips if you feel tired or sleepy. Motels and fast food chains can be found anywhere and a coffee or a room is cheaper than an accident.

    Know Your Car and Keep it Fit

    A driver should be well acquainted with the car that he is driving. The weight limit, speed limit, type of gasoline used and the passenger limit are the basic things you should know about your car.

    Keeping the proper passenger and weigh limit for the car keeps it running at its best condition. The more weight it has, the more friction it can cause during driving and this can burn more gasoline.

    Using the proper type of gasoline for your car makes it run better. If you are having troubles with the gas prices nowadays, there are a lot of alternatives to save up in the oil. Engine conversions are used by others and this kind of engines run on alternatives such as used oils (from restaurants) and water. Hybrid engines also run on alternatives and lastly, public transportations. Using the bus or the train could be less convenient but it is cheaper than gasoline.

    Keep your car fit. It is alright to spend a few bucks on an expert or a mechanic to give your car a timely maintenance and service. Properly maintained cars burn less fuel as well. For example, if you keep your oil changed at a certain mileage or time, this can reduce burning of gasoline by ensuring that it runs properly and cleanly.

    Car Hygiene? Tips in Washing Your Car

    How old is your car? Some cars are just three years old yet look saggy some are ten but still groovy. Big deal right? It really is. Just when you think of selling it, the buyer gets disinterested because of corrosions, really in dilemma. Here are some tips before getting it listed in a cars classifieds or before having it sold in a car auction.

    Cars are like humans. Actually they are extension of the owners themselves. Washing cars regularly, at least once a month brings back the exuding sensual image of the car. Bugs, limestone drippings when not removed might cause damage to the car leaving a permanent stain. Difference exist when washing a car and not. When it's dirty, the moisture accumulates in dirty areas causing corrosion but when the car is clean, all the moisture dries up quickly.

    Using a pressure wash once in a while removes the dirt from the parts that are difficult to reach. Holding out the pressure wash jet closely to the painted surface might peel the loose paint. Places like behind moldings, inside wheel arches, under the bumpers should be washed off. This is where the dirt and salt could be accumulated. The dirt in the wind shield must also be wiped and washed. Dirts accumulated in the windshield gets caught by the windshield wipers blades and scratches the windshield when the wipers are operating.

    Drying the car is one of the most important process. The wrong method of drying can cause water spots, streaks and even scratches. This ultimately ruins the car. Although not everyone has this luxury of drying, the best method is to park it in a garage or shade. Most people recommend the use of a 100 percent cotton towels to dry up. Others would recommend chamois. However this may lead breakdown and leave residue on cars. Good thing, science is constantly doing innovation, the use of synthetic chamois is great and useful.

    Same with how the car wash was done, using the chamois, start at the top and work way down. The flat surface must be first done before working on the sides and bumpers. Dry up under the door handles and under the side mirrors, these areas tend to hold water that will sneak up on you later. Next, grab a clean towel and open up all the doors and wipe down the door jambs, then do the same on the inside of the trunk and hood.

    Just like men, grooming follows bathing. Waxing the car regularly helps. The wax protects the paint minimizing harm from chemicals. It also gives protection from fading out. The plus factor from this that it looks shiny. Waxing takes only about 30 minutes to wax a whole car. For high quality waxes this stays up to three to four months. Superb!

    While the outside needs cleaning and so with its interior. The car accumulates dirts, dusts and rocks. The only way to get rid of the junks is to suck it up with a vacuum. With a slim nozzle attachment, this can reach even the smallest bit s between the seats and the hardest part to reach. Better to take out the mats. Shaking them up and vacuuming removes the old dirts sticked on it.

    Get the dash and board cleaned up, from the top down to the center console. Wipe down the door sills, the rear deck and the plastic parts between the front and rear seats on four-door cars, after you have cleaned these areas, it's time to apply some vinyl protectant. This maintains the vinyl by replenishing the oils and provides protection from harmful UV rays when parked outside. Lastly, clean the interior windows.

    Once both the inside and out is clean, the result would be a shiny, and lustrous car. There is no reason why one should be shy to list it on car classifieds or car listings. If a buyer sees how good looking the car is, the deal is close. It would be difficult then to determine which is which? Is it under used cars or new cars?

    Thrift Moves: Tips in Fuel Consumption

    While having a car is a necessity it converts into a luxury when the fuel consumption is sky rocketing and accelerating. Most car owners even if they purchase the car on a steal at a car auction shares the same dilemma----the increasing fuel price. How then can owning a cabriolet remain a necessity instead of a luxury? Cut back the fuel consumption!

    This might not be known to some drivers but saving as much fuel starts before the four wheel starts hitting the road. Here are some goodies for a healthy car ownership.

    • Good service on a regular basis increases car mileage by tat least 25%.

    • Check on the air filter. Replace it as needed.

    • Get that old baggage stored in your trunk. Unnecessary weight can take away good gas mileage.

    • Check on your tire pressure. Have it aligned and inflated , tires with low pressure increases fuel use by 5%

    • Make it three in one. If you do have more than one errand, get it going in one single route. Make it in one trip. This cuts buck the use of fuel going from one errand to another when you can do it all together.

    • If the place is just a stone away, why not walk? It would be too impractical skidding on the road when it is just one walk away from home.

    While you are hitting the road on a road trip, try this tips and save a penny.

    • You not on a race track. SLOW DOWN. Running out of gas? Keep it easy, slow down while heading off to the nearest gas station. The faster you drive the more gas you use. Plus, setting fuel consumption aside, driving slowly is safer and risk free.

    • While you are waiting for someone, turn off your car. If feeling hot for the day, open the windows and let in the cool breeze, while waiting for the person to arrive.

    • Feed your car with gasoline on an early day. The earlier it is the cooler, which makes it more compact- the result, MORE MILEAGE.

    • Most cars now do not need to warm up. Avoid idling, it will just add fuel consumption.

    • The harder you step on the gas, the faster you use up the gas. Avoid rapid accelerating. Accelerate slowly. Note, driving aggressively not only increases car accident risk it heightens the use of fuel more than you could imagine.

      Tips are but tips, fuel consumption can be minimized with the right use of these things. These tips apply to four wheel drives that are already available. When in the helm of buying a car, consider a vehicle that has a built in design that conserves fuel. Check out on cars for sale for its availability. While hybrid are more expensive than regular, they save more. It just look expensive when bought but along the process, you're simply getting it back. Browse on car classifieds and cars for sale, there might be a four wheel available that consumes fuels less.

    Car Pricing | Cars | Cars For Sale

    Four No-No's in Buying a Car

    Sweet talks often sway people to be lured and hooked into something. Same in buying a car, the moment the dealer opens his mouth and sweet talks, the buyer has the tendency to believe everything without digesting or researching.

    Don't be driven by Impulse

    Man's nature sometimes drives him to go impulse buying. In buying a car it is best to do research on the thing being sold. Not everything heard and seen can be true. The good thing about knowing more about it is to avoid future frustration and conflict. After all, cars are extension of the owners. No one would like to be saddled with something he finds not to be interested later. Another point to be consider by researching would be to get the prices and use it during negotiation. Once the buyer automatically accede to the seller with the price without further research, he might be sadden if later he founds out there are some with the same model but at a lower price.

    Don't let the hidden cost pass without being noticed

    To be meticulous in one sense can be beneficial. Looking at the breakdown of how the charge is distributed including the registration cost is important. This avoids hidden charges to be added to the price you will be paying. Reading the invoice closely would help. After all, there is nothing wrong in asking questions rather than keeping it and mumbling in the end.

    Don't undervalue your trade in

    Getting the new car means disposing the old one. Don't undervalue the old pal. Selling the car by the buyer himself would be much better than letting someone handle it. However, if having the dealer handle both the selling and the buying, it is best to have both transactions be checked and handle the transactions separately.

    Don't let others negotiate for you, negotiate in person

    Sometimes to avoid sales pressure, it is best to ask the dealer for the sales manager's email or phone number. Asking from the manager a quote via email or fax would be helpful. This can be very useful when negotiation takes place. Taking along the print out when negotiating is a must.

    Owning cars are personal in nature. If letting someone go between your choice and how you handle things, this might yield to something unsatisfactory at the end. It is best to handle everything personally from negotiating to buying. This avoids blames and pin points and the full appreciation of choice will be realized.

    Choosing the right car

    Every car makes a difference, with over 3,000 cars available from different manufacturers, the choice will still be on the buyer. First in line to consider is the price, there are various cars available but you have to choose a car price that is not more than the cost of your income rate. If you can afford to pay a little more, you can increase your choice to a wider selection of luxury models.

    Next is suitability, there are some cars that can suit your particular requirements more than others. Cars vary in measurements, seat height, door opening angle, and storage space for equipment. Your choice among the widest, most imaginative group of vehicles should be comfortable and enjoyable to drive.

    Another thing to consider is the car insurance. Car insurance policy providers have different rates for different car models. The protection of the driver, the insured vehicle and third parties involved against possible liabilities arise in case of vehicular accidents are covered by car insurance.

    Last and most important thing to consider is the fuel consumption. One major effect of the oil prices in the world market is the rise of gas prices here in the Philippines. Fuel costs of cars vary significantly in how many miles per gallon (mpg) they achieve. Often more environmentally friendly cars are those with a higher mpg because it cost less to run. Your lifestyle and how many miles you drive everyday is a major factor to consider.

    Indeed, a car nowadays is already considered as a necessity, and with so many new cars to choose from, select the best that fits your needs, the style that works for you, and the rest is easy.

    Used Cars For Sale

    Have you ever thought of buying a car?

    Prices of cars differs form the other. Some are affordable and the others are tremendously too expensive, that it becomes very luxurious to avail one. Instead of going for a brand new car, others shift to a more practical approach..... buying a used car.

    Online selling for used cars is increasing. More people appreciates the convenience of getting everything in one sitting like availing insurance, car loans, purchases of auto accessories, repairs and trouble shooting a vehicle. With the fast growing market, sources to buy cheap used cars are expanding namely new car dealers, used car dealers, superstores, owners themselves. In comparison, a used car dealer may not have variety of choices but the price is lesser compared to the super stores.

    In buying cars from individual car owners, the negotiability and the afford ability of the price is the advantage. Buyers can even conclude what type of person the seller is from how he handles the car he is selling.

    Buying cheap used cars avoids the expense of the brand new one. This advantage saves the buyers money to some other purposes. While brand new cars are costly, getting a used car would be the best alternative to budget the money allotted for buying the car. This is an advantage of opting to go for a used car. One more advantage is the depreciation of the car cost 15 to 20 % in one year.

    With these advantages, the used car is getting more attention and gaining more popularity. The end of it..... it is beneficial for customers so they could choose from different varieties.

    When buying used cars, it is essential to check on the coat of paint freshly applied. This might hide a serious dent or a rust from a major damage or accident. Checking all the circumstances like the number of previous owners, insurance and registration details is customary. Everything, from brake to acceleration, to gearshift should be inspected to avoid future hassles. It is important to check if the car is in a good working condition, saving fuel, a good mileage and has a look of a well maintained car.

    In buying the risk is always born to the buyer, thus it is great to check on the details. A cheap car would not be considered cheap if after a day or two spending much for a repair doubles the expense of the car itself.

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    Targa trans-mania for Porsche's 911

    story source: Goauto$file/targa_main.jpg?OpenElementFRESH from releasing the face lifted Coupe and Cabriolet versions of the venerable 911, Porsche has now turned its attention to the Targa.

    Priced from $258,600 for the ‘entry-level’ six-speed manual Targa 4 – which is exactly what Porsche charges for the equivalent Carrera 4 Cabriolet – the glass-roof ‘hatchback’ version of the long-lived German rear-engined 2+2-seater sports car is an eye-watering $21,600 more expensive than the model it usurps.

    However, the new 33 per cent luxury car tax contributes around half of that difference, while Porsche is offering a palpably improved 911 experience for the extra outlay.

    The latter is underscored by a new-generation horizontally-opposed six-cylinder engine family with direct injection, the option of Porsche’s “Doppelkupplungsgetriebe” (PDK) seven-speed double-clutch transmission in lieu of the old five-speed Tiptronic automatic gearbox, revised suspension tuning, an interior upgrade that includes a new center console layout, and subtly different nose and tail treatments.

    Plus, being an all-wheel drive-only proposition once again, the latest Targa joins its fellow face lifted 4WD 911s in adopting a new electronically controlled 4WD set-up, sitting beneath the wider-track coupe body that has become a hallmark of the all-paw Porsche sports cars.

    But this car’s existence centers on its unique body style.

    Like the outgoing Targa, the new one’s side DLO (daylight opening) is more tapered than in the regular 911 Coupe, and is now distinguished by a metallic garnish (or “high-gloss polished and eloxy-plated aluminum trim bars”, according to the press blurb) running along the upper-edge of the glass area from the A-pillar to the base of the C-pillar.

    Underneath these pillars are extra reinforcements to help redress the loss of rigidity compared to a Carrera 4 Coupe, resulting in body stiffness that is actually almost on a par despite the absence of a B-pillar.

    Of course, the inevitable upshot is increased weight, in the region of 60kg. The lightest is 1530kg (Targa 4 manual), some 40kg below the mass of a Targa 4S PDK.$file/stack1.jpgThe Targa’s glazed roof sits within a module made by Magna Car Top Systems, spanning from the top of the windscreen to the top of the engine-bay lid. Covering an area of 1.54 square meters, it consists of two segments, with the front half electronically sliding first down and then beneath the rear window section sandwich-style to reveal a 45cm square aperture. This takes just seven seconds to complete.

    The rear glass includes a wiper and jet-wash, is heated, employs tinted single-layer security glass, and opens just like a hatch at an angle of 60 degrees with the aid of two struts. This allows easy access to the 230-liter storage area behind the front seats with the rear pair folded. The Targa also offers an additional 25 liters of luggage space over its Coupe sibling.

    An electronic latch seals the tailgate shut again with a gentle push.

    A headline roof-related innovation is the use of ‘Sundim’ UV ultra-violet radiation-resisting glass, which keeps the cabin temperature tolerably low even when the car is exposed to direct sunlight during a 30-degree Celsius-plus day. How? It lets in around one-third of the available sunlight but only about 17 per cent of the thermal energy.

    If this sun protection is still insufficient, an improved insulating roll cover has also been devised, upping the degree of shade protection from 50 to 96 per cent, which is the equivalent to reducing brightness from 1400 to 600 lux – or normal room illumination.

    Also electronically-controlled, the fabric blind whirs to the rear of the sliding glass portion regardless of its open position, and – like the rest of the roof functions – is controlled by a revised set of push and pull buttons located in the center console.

    Opening the roof prompts an automatically controlled multi-plate wind deflector, to help keep droughts from entering the cabin, enabling minimal turbulence and buffeting inside. Meanwhile, when the hatch is open, integrated guttering prevents rain from dripping onto the rear-seat/luggage area. For safety and durability reasons, you cannot use the sunroof with the tailgate hatch open, or vice-versa.

    Like all the latest 997 911 Carrera 4 on offer, the Targa resurrects the 1998-2004 996 C4’s full-length rear reflector situated between the tail-lights. A big ‘Targa4’ or ‘Targa 4S’ badge gives the game away, too – with the ‘S’ denoting the larger of the two new engines on offer.

    Leading the charge is a pair of new direct fuel injection units sparkling with improved efficiency. Available in 3.6- and 3.8-liter guises, both feature an aluminum engine block (contributing to a 5kg lighter engine than before), four overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, variable valve timing (known as VarioCam Plus), and dry-sump lubrication with an on-demand oil pump.

    To recap, the new engine family is significantly more compact, has a much lower center of gravity, is highly flexible for future capacity requirements ranging from 2.5 to about 4.0 liters, and has 40 per cent fewer moving parts and so is cheaper to build than before despite the expensive direct-injection technology.

    With a more efficient exhaust system helping to achieve a Euro 5 emissions rating, the Targa 4’s 3.6-litre engine now delivers 254kW of power at 6500rpm (up 15kW) while the 4S’s 3.8-liter ‘six’ secures 283kW at 6000rpm instead of 216kW. Peak torque, meanwhile, rises by 20Nm in both cases – to 390Nm at 4400rpm and 420Nm at 4400rpm for the 3.6 and 3.8 respectively.

    Two gearboxes are available – an Aisin six-speed manual with a higher third-gear ratio than before, and the ZF-built PDK comprising two clutches that activate two separate sets of pre-selected gear ratios. The results are quicker acceleration times but a lower top speed (3.6: 284km/h; 3.8: 297km/h).

    A Targa 4 packing PDK blasts to 100km/h in a claimed five seconds, while the 4S version does it in 4.7 seconds – in both cases 0.2 seconds sooner than the six-speed manual. Another 0.2 seconds is shaved off on either model with PDK if you choose the optional Sports Chrono Package Plus incorporating launch control for optimum acceleration from standstill.

    Similarly, fuel consumption for the Targa 4 manual (10.6L/100km) and 4S manual (11.0L/100km) are 0.3L/100km worse than the PDK-equipped vehicles, while the manual-equipped 4 and 4S’s respective 249g/km and 259g/km CO2 emissions ratings are 7 and 8g/km shy of the PDK cars’ efforts.

    These figures highlight the fact that the equivalent C4 Coupes are slightly better than the Targa in all areas.

    As with the Coupe and Cabriolet, the Targa includes modified suspension and brakes compared to before, with revised springs, dampers and anti-roll bars across the range, with the latter tweaked specifically on the Targa to offset the effects of the extra mass.

    A mechanical limited-slip differential (LSD) with a 22 per cent locking action under power and 27 per cent locking action in overrun, improves traction and stability through trickier corners or over rough surfaces.

    Optional on the Targa 4 but standard on all 4S cars is a refined version of Porsche’s Active Suspension Management (PASM), which enhances smoothness, dynamic performance and response thanks to the inclusion of new adaptive dampers.

    It is available in PASM Normal (alternating from standard comfort to a firmer set-up according to how hard the car is being driven) or PASM Sport (hardest-setting dampers, with the entire car dropped by 10mm). There is also a ‘special variant’ PASM Sport package available with unique active sports suspension, a 20mm ride-height drop and a mechanical LSD.

    Meanwhile, the new electronically controlled Porsche Traction Management (PTM) AWD system replaces the viscous multi-plate clutch AWD set-up in the outgoing Targa. It continuously shifts torque from up to 100 per cent rearwards to 100 per cent forwards in extreme conditions, compared to the old car’s fixed 60:40 split.

    Like the C4, the Targa is 44mm wider in the rear compared to the rear-wheel drive Carrera 2.

    Porsche has developed a new hill-hold device called Start-off Assistant, to keep the Targa from rolling backwards at launch speeds.

    Larger (now 330mm) disc brakes mean greater stopping ability than before, with improved ventilation and stiffness properties in the front for greater and more consistent responses, while the rear wheels now come with cross-drilled and inner-vented brake discs. On the 3.6 the calipers are black; red on the 3.8 and yellow for Targas fitted with Porsche’s optional ceramic composite brakes.

    Visually the 997’s transition to Series II is subtle, with redesigned front and rear bumpers, revised headlights incorporating bi-Xenon headlights with washers and daytime LED running lights, and reshaped tail-lights being the most obvious.

    Look more carefully and you may notice the newly designed wheel, exhaust outlets, door mirrors (which are now larger and double armed) and front air intakes, with the latter’s shape now more in harmony with the lighting/indicator panel above.

    Other range-wide upgrades include a third-generation PCM3 version of the Porsche Communications Management (PCM) system, comprising a bigger new 6.5-inch touch-screen. It can be optioned with satellite-navigation including a 40GB hard drive, plus voice control and a TV tuner.

    Further changes run to larger and more ergonomically user-friendly buttons in the console, and the option of ventilated front seats.

    With the Targa only representing about 10 per cent of total mainstream 911 output (excluding Turbo, GT2 and GT3 specialist models), Porsche expects to sell around 40 cars next year. Most will be the PDK-equipped 4S range-topper.

    And that the latest installment in the 997 Series II story, told in “record time” (according to Porsche) so soon after the Coupe and Cabriolet versions have come on stream. The next chapters in the face lifted 911 tale will be titled ‘Turbo’ and ‘GT’ and are due soon.

    Porsche 911 Targa pricing:
    Targa 4 $258,600
    Targa 4 (PDK) $265,600
    Targa 4S $287,400
    Targa 4S (PDK) $294,400