Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Riding in Cars not with boys…..but make-ups

Who said cars are just for Mars? It's also designed for Venus.

The Generation X has toppled the wrong connotation that cars exclusivity is for men. The streets are now flocked with chick driving the latest models from sedans to SUV's and even sporty wheels. The macho images of cars are slowly transformed to a sexy chick four wheel drive.

Take a look at Honda Civic Ex (2007) new compact solution. It is similar to a compact make up kit with a combination of style, space and driving pleasure.

Peering inside the car, one would notice its futuristic theme. It has split level gauges. This puts the speed, fuel, and engine temperature near the windshields. It places other secondary information easily visible through the steering wheel.

While most car craze would find the car quite dull the comfort that it brings is something worthy to be noted. For a woman who drives a car, it is not just after the appearance, it is with the substance. A comfy wheel would be something sought after. Cars are extensions. Just like beauty kits which when handy and is something you could snagged and relied for. It pays to be driving a four wheel in a package. After all, Honda is stylish. Women can stand out with it in style and in comfort.