Friday, November 21, 2008

Car Sales for 2008

Car sales in Australia are improved last year 2007, but this year its quiet flipped because of some global problems like the increase of fuel price in International market in the previous quarters of 2008. Australia have a more than 15 million motor vehicles on the road which is about 77% are passenger vehicles. Last year over 1 million vehicles are sold in Australia which is 60% of that was passenger vehicle cars and the remaining percentage are sold SUVs.

According to the car sales from November, 2007 to November, 2008, the car sold are seasonally adjusted depends on every month of the year. And it depends also into the car sales of every city in Australia. Because some of the cities have decrease each sales and some are increase. But In general, the sales are depreciate this year because of fuel price. But it doesn't mean that car sales are totally lowered in percentage, there's a little bit adjustment only. Because of this quarter of the year, the car sales are on the go for booming it again. Due to the lowering of fuel price in international market, many of car buyer are on the go again to buy some cars.

The most car model sold are Toyota which have an about 22.5 percent share. Next car model sold are Holden who has 14%, and Ford that has 10% market share in Australia. Because of the number of passenger cars in Australia, the most sold car are Toyota corolla which is often to be a passenger car. So, you can notice the depreciation of private vehicles sales. In that matter, the fuel turmoil during the previous quarters of the year is the main reason why the car sales are low. That's why, car industry are still on recovery in this quarter.

About the sales of used cars versus the new cars, used cars are more sales than new cars. No wonder because all over the world. In car industry, used cars are most in retail because of the economical price of it. If you compare of the new cars, used car price are almost half of the price of the new car. When it comes to the quality of the engine, new car is advantage. But when it comes to the price, used car is advantage. But you need to check the quality of the used car you want to buy. Since it was used already, you are not assure of the quality of it. You need to check the parts of it (Engine, Body, Chassis). Unlike the new cars that you don't need to check it because it was surely on the good condition. In Australia, used cars are greater in sales because of the lower price of it than the new cars. The best example or used cars great sales are this year 2008. Because or the fuel hike, car buyers are made their own choice to buy used cars in order to get a lowest price. In generalization, the win-win situation when it comes to the car sales this 2008 was in favor of used car dealers.