Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Saving Lives and Money by Driving Properly

Easy with the throttle

Driving in a highway or any road is not a race so there is no need to step it up with the throttle. If you worry about being late for a meeting or an appointment, driving fast and reckless is still not the proper choice. In situations like this where you have to drive to catch a deadline or a certain time, it is best to drive calmly and still obey traffic rules. You may call your date or the people involve and state to them that you will be late. It is better than to drive hastily.

During emergencies, the best thing to do is to keep calm. There are cases where people actually panic during this emergencies and drives faster and more reckless. This should not be done. Be calm and take hold of the situation. Call the ambulance if necessary, cause they are faster and more experienced and they carry along with them equipments and professional that can help while being on the road, or if the emergency is in the place of your destination, call people up to assess the situation and drive properly.

Do not race with other vehicles. Sometimes there will be cases where another driver would be offended or dared by another driver and a race is not the solution for this. Racing should only be done in race tracks or in any controlled condition (race events), but not in highways.

Driving calmly will save you your life and save you more gas. Do not step on the gas to get your engine angry and reach high RPMs (revolution per minute). The higher the RPM you make your car run in between changing gears, the more gasoline it burns up. Try to run your car in between 2000 RPM to 3000 RPM in between gears and during/when in highest gear.

Follow Traffic Rules

Driving in and outside the city are different but observing traffic rules should always not be forgotten. Following traffic signs or traffic police can help prevent accidents and will give you no traffic violation tickets. Traffic violation tickets are not just expensive but they can also stop you from driving, it can forfeit your license.

Driving in the city can burn more gasoline than driving in an open road. The trick with traffic lights or when/during in heavy traffic jams, you should turn off your engine to save you gasoline. It is more difficult to drive in the city for there are more cars than in open roads. Always be alert and don't drive recklessly.

Driving in the mountains could be dangerous as well. There are signs in the road that drivers should always observe and follow. Speed limit goes for every road and highways and terrain so one should follow it. Even professional racers advices to follow each and every road rule.

Don't drive intoxicated or sleepy

It is best to drive if the driver is in the right condition. Being in the right condition gives the driver a better observation of the road. Being sleepy or intoxicated makes a driver's driving skills worse and this can cause an accident.

Drivers should always refrain from drinking and driving. Drunk drivers have the tendency to forget about the speed and traffic rules. Most teenagers and some adults nowadays that are involved in accidents are caused by alcohol. If you are caught while driving under the influence (DUI) you will spend a night in jail and that is not fun.

Taking a coffee break or a sleep over a motel is not that bad at all. Do not force your body to drive long trips or night trips if you feel tired or sleepy. Motels and fast food chains can be found anywhere and a coffee or a room is cheaper than an accident.

Know Your Car and Keep it Fit

A driver should be well acquainted with the car that he is driving. The weight limit, speed limit, type of gasoline used and the passenger limit are the basic things you should know about your car.

Keeping the proper passenger and weigh limit for the car keeps it running at its best condition. The more weight it has, the more friction it can cause during driving and this can burn more gasoline.

Using the proper type of gasoline for your car makes it run better. If you are having troubles with the gas prices nowadays, there are a lot of alternatives to save up in the oil. Engine conversions are used by others and this kind of engines run on alternatives such as used oils (from restaurants) and water. Hybrid engines also run on alternatives and lastly, public transportations. Using the bus or the train could be less convenient but it is cheaper than gasoline.

Keep your car fit. It is alright to spend a few bucks on an expert or a mechanic to give your car a timely maintenance and service. Properly maintained cars burn less fuel as well. For example, if you keep your oil changed at a certain mileage or time, this can reduce burning of gasoline by ensuring that it runs properly and cleanly.