Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Highlight my SUV

SUV are one of the hottest vehicle in town which is tend to any purpose of having it. But usually it was called SUV, because it was work on dealing with some sports activities such as having an adventure getaway or having a long trip of out of town. SUV is the best car to have if you are fun of having a long trip always. Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) are having on the list of top highest sales. Most of the buyer want SUV because of the breath taking and boost up adrenalin rush in experiencing driving an SUV. SUV is a kind of vehicles which totally high-performance in any kind of road. Its either on the smooth hi-way or in off-road such in rocky road, in a hills, and some other off-road places. SUV is suits for an off-road because it has a four-wheel drive car that built on a truck chassis. Most of the car owners who bought this type of car, are those who loves adventure and out of town get aways. This kind of Cars are made for highly performed driving experience. The engine SUV are appropriate in long distance driving. Since SUV is a four-wheel drive, you can drive it in any road you want. Get now an SUV on the test drive buddy. Yes, its totally pumped up our adrenalin rush when we drive Sports Utility Vehicle. Regardless of what brand of SUV it is, no matter how it look likes, all you need to experience is the feeling while driving these SUV's.

If we compared to car and van, SUV can go in any destination because it has a four wheeled drive that suits for off-road tracks that in everywhere and anywhere, you can count on SUV. Unlike the car and van, they are only suits for smooth roads like hi-way or main roads. They are typical for vehicles for office use and city stroll only. Unlike the SUV, you can go everywhere you want as long as there is a road. Even on the top of the mountain that having a semi-road which an SUV can go over, you can drive the SUV. About the price of SUV, it depends of the brand of the SUV you want to buy. If you compared with typical cars. The price is quiet the same. The key factors of the usability and flexibility of SUV are depends also on the type or design of SUV being manufactured by different car manufacturers. But mostly it has something to do in the size, interior functions, performance, and usability of it. SUV are design to be more spacious than a car. It was flexible because , you can use it in more purpose. But with regards on the pollution factors, it has a least factor of pollution. But with regards on the fuel mileage, SUV is firing more fuel than cars mostly the hybrid SUV's. But you can rely on the small SUV's which having a the same gas mileage into the cars.