Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Engine conversions

Some people are very resou
rceful. And when it comes to their cars, they search for a lower cost gas for their cars. And sometimes they turn to an inventive process to adopt natural resources as part of experimenting possible sub-fuel that replace the commercial fuel such diesel and regular gasoline. There are lot of experimentation which people held in order to turn out their effort into successful conversion of their cars into sub-fuel like biodiesel, vegetable oil, water, and many more conversion which car owners or drivers meets the cheaper cost of consuming fuels.

Engine conversions is one of the major subjects in engine industry or car industry. Through this mechanical process, the engine of your car will able to generate with some other fuels. There are several sub-fuels which in general you can't imagine that it powered a certain engine. For example the vegetable oil and the water. Who believes that this substances is able to start an engine and totally empowers it. Believe it or not, yes it is. Vegetable oil and water can start your engine. That's why, there are lot of engine conversion mechanism was established for a specific conversion like engine conversion through vegetable oil fuel. Diesel engines is much appropriate in conversion to vegetable oil fuel. Because diesel engines can run on 3 basic types of fuel such as petroleum diesel, bio diesel, and straight vegetable oil. Bio diesel is a clean-burning fuel made from domestic, renewable plant sources, such as oils from vegetables, peanuts, soy beans, canola/rape seeds, hemp seeds and some grains. It has undergone the process of transesterification, a simple chemical modification of ordinary vegetable oil that makes the fuel usable in diesel engines and keeps it from thickening at colder temperatures. The process of converting engines into cooking oil engine is start with a modern diesel engine, install a vegetable oil conversion kit or mechanical apparatus that allows vegetable oil run the engine, and put vegetable oil from the fuel tank of the engine in order to test if the conversion is successful. If it is successful, you can have now a newly convert engine using cooking oil fuel.

Another engine conversion is through converting engine into water used as a fuel. There are already lot of study and inventions regarding on engine conversion using water as a fuel. Through this study, almost billion of dollars was spend by certain countries to cope up in this concept of conversion. But despite of that, people will satisfied because there will be a chance of having a free fuel. Free fuel in the sense that water is abundant. You can have it free anytime if that will become your fuel for your car. But still, people search for a better development of engine conversion that serves water as a fuel. Among engine conversion mechanism, the most popular and common engine conversion is gasoline engine converts into using diesel engines. They convert gasoline engines into diesel in order to have cheaper fuel cost. Because Diesel fuel is cheaper than gasoline fuel. That's why lot of car owner having a gasoline engine wants to convert their engine car into diesel. Those are example of engine conversions. And there are some engine conversion nowadays that enjoys by some people. There are engine conversions using LPG to run the engine, conversion using electricity, and many other form conversion which already introduce to us.

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