Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thrift Moves: Tips in Fuel Consumption

While having a car is a necessity it converts into a luxury when the fuel consumption is sky rocketing and accelerating. Most car owners even if they purchase the car on a steal at a car auction shares the same dilemma----the increasing fuel price. How then can owning a cabriolet remain a necessity instead of a luxury? Cut back the fuel consumption!

This might not be known to some drivers but saving as much fuel starts before the four wheel starts hitting the road. Here are some goodies for a healthy car ownership.

  • Good service on a regular basis increases car mileage by tat least 25%.

  • Check on the air filter. Replace it as needed.

  • Get that old baggage stored in your trunk. Unnecessary weight can take away good gas mileage.

  • Check on your tire pressure. Have it aligned and inflated , tires with low pressure increases fuel use by 5%

  • Make it three in one. If you do have more than one errand, get it going in one single route. Make it in one trip. This cuts buck the use of fuel going from one errand to another when you can do it all together.

  • If the place is just a stone away, why not walk? It would be too impractical skidding on the road when it is just one walk away from home.

While you are hitting the road on a road trip, try this tips and save a penny.

  • You not on a race track. SLOW DOWN. Running out of gas? Keep it easy, slow down while heading off to the nearest gas station. The faster you drive the more gas you use. Plus, setting fuel consumption aside, driving slowly is safer and risk free.

  • While you are waiting for someone, turn off your car. If feeling hot for the day, open the windows and let in the cool breeze, while waiting for the person to arrive.

  • Feed your car with gasoline on an early day. The earlier it is the cooler, which makes it more compact- the result, MORE MILEAGE.

  • Most cars now do not need to warm up. Avoid idling, it will just add fuel consumption.

  • The harder you step on the gas, the faster you use up the gas. Avoid rapid accelerating. Accelerate slowly. Note, driving aggressively not only increases car accident risk it heightens the use of fuel more than you could imagine.

    Tips are but tips, fuel consumption can be minimized with the right use of these things. These tips apply to four wheel drives that are already available. When in the helm of buying a car, consider a vehicle that has a built in design that conserves fuel. Check out on cars for sale for its availability. While hybrid are more expensive than regular, they save more. It just look expensive when bought but along the process, you're simply getting it back. Browse on car classifieds and cars for sale, there might be a four wheel available that consumes fuels less.

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